Filmed in Glorious 4K

Studio-Quality Audio

Triple Backed-Up

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Bogged down with HD vs 4K? Finding it hard to figure out how many cameras you’ll need, or how many lights will make your product shine?

Don’t worry. We’ve removed the jargon for you so you there’s one less thing to think about!

With Social Films, you’ll find it easy to:

  • Film dazzling footage in glorious 4K that will make everyone go wow.

  • Record crystal clear studio-quality audio
  • Relax safe in the knowledge that your project is triple-backed up: On-site, Off-site and securely in the cloud

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Video quality that’ll make eyes pop

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Studio-quality audio that’ll get you heard

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Why Social Films?

5 reasons why you’re in safe hands

  • Backed by 15 Years of video experience

  • Over 25,000,000+ views worldwide

  • Trusted by British Airways, Microsoft, Phillips, Shell, Bupa, O2, HSBC and more

  • Featured in the Telegraph, Guardian, Huffington Post, Metro, Wired, Buzzfeed and more

  • Over £32,000,00+ delivered in ROI

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