We’re an animation company in London. We work with businesses to produce stunning animated explainer videos for marketing and training that bring their products and services to life.

Animation is like magic.

It helps you to achieve the impossible.

Animation has the ability to simplify and communicate messages in a way that would be more time consuming or  complicated to explain in the real world.

And it also just looks ridiculously cool.

Explainer videos help to bring your ideas to life in a way that is more engaging and more attractive.

  • Get ideas, storyboards, scripts and animation produced in one place.
  • 9 times out of 10, no matter what you need to animate, we can help (and If we can’t, we’ll put you in touch with an animator who can!)
  • Get the entire animation process managed for you.

Producing animated videos has been my day job for 15 years.

Now I’d love to share my learnings with YOU!

Tom Bendix
Animated Video Producer

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Best Explainer Video Examples

Explainer Video for IAG Cargo

The idea of putting your pet on a flight can be stressful. We produced a 2D animated explainer video to show pet owners how the journey works.

Explainer Video for Xuber

Upgrading your insurance platform with Xuber is simple. We produced a 2D animated explainer video to show just how easy it is.

Explainer Video for IAG Cargo

How do you make a warehouse look cool? That’s the brief we were given to bring IAG’s new warehouse to life. We produced a 2D animated explainer video to show what makes it different.

Explainer Video for MoreThan

More Than were searching for a creative way to welcome new joiners on board. We produced a 2D animated explainer video to welcome new employees to the MoreThan team.

Explainer Video for Microsoft Advertising

How do you make a warehouse look cool? That’s the brief we were given to bring IAG’s new warehouse to life. We produced a 2D animated explainer video to show what makes it different.

Explainer Video Costs UK

Most animation companies don’t publish CLEAR pricing…

Which we think is slightly odd.

It’s like they have something terrible to hide.

We’re different.

Yes. It’s true. All businesses have different requirements.

The price of an animated video depends on a number of factors such as:

a) What needs to be animated

b) How much animation is needed

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t at least give you an indication of cost.

In the UK, it is best to budget from £5k for an animated explainer video.

2D & 3D Animation

What’s the difference and which one is right for your business?

Whether or not you need 2D or 3D animation will depend on what you need to bring to life.

The vast majority of business concepts can be beautifully animated in 2D.

In fact, there’s a real fashion and trend for simplicity, which lends itself perfectly to the look and capabilities of 2D animation.

On the other hand, more complex medical or industrial concepts often require 3D to show details which aren’t possible in 2D.

For example, in a medical animation, it might be necessary to show the intricate inner workings of the human body.

A videographer smiling with a video camera

About our animation studio

  • Our animation studio is based in London and is where your ideas will come to life.
  • We have a team of highly skilled in house and freelance animators.
  • You can visit our animation studio in person, or remotely via zoom.
  • Our studio is fitted with state-of-the-art Apple Mac hardware.
  • We have everything you need to power your project and to help you succeed with animation.

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Types of animation we produce

Animated Explainer Videos

We create animated explainer videos for businesses who need to simplify their product or service. Did you know that 83% of businesses say that their explainer video is effective?

Animated Whiteboard Videos

We produce animated whiteboard videos for companies who need to simplify their product or service. Did you know that 22% of customers find whiteboard videos easier to recall?

Motion Graphics

We create motion graphics for startups and brands in the UK. We’re always keeping up to date with the latest software, to ensure that your animation truly stands out from the crowd!

2D Animation

We’re experts at the production of 2D animation. 2D animation provides the perfect solution for businesses who are looking for a simple, easy to understand video.

3d Animation

Our animation studio are highly skilled at producing 3D animation. 3D animation is the ideal fit for businesses who need to visualise what something will look like in the real world.

Expensive ‘time-wasting’ animation

We only produce animation that we know will add value to your business. We’re interested in one and thing and one thing only – Animation that will make you more successful.

Our animation services

Corporate animation

Picture this. You’ve got a complex subject to explain or a topic which is duller than dishwater to talk about.

Your challenge is to make it seem simple and make sure it’s interesting to watch.

Animation Is your secret weapon.

Some topics are far easier (and more interesting) to explain with corporate animation. For 15 years we’ve been helping business like yours to catapult their marketing to the next level.

Take our work with More Than for example, who wanted to create an animated business presentation for new joiners.

Think? Could your business, products or services benefit from using animation?

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Healthcare, Medical & Biomedical animation

Imagine you need to show antibodies fighting against bacteria or how internal organs react to invasive treatments.

No industry benefits more from the limitless possibilities that medical animation can offer than the pharmaceutical industry.

In most cases, filming at a microscopic level would be highly impractical and would deliver underwhelming results. A biomedical animation on the other hand isn’t bound by real world barriers. That’s why healthcare companies regularly use 2D and 3D animation to make the complex seem simple.

Pair this with our services in 360 and VR for a fully immersive experience like no other.

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Advertising animation

In most commercial advertising, you’ll find three different formats:

1) Live action (Filmed in the real world)

2) Animation (2D or 3D animation)

3) Animation and live action combined

All three approaches can be used equally to explain, market and sell with phenomenal success.

As an advertiser, you’ll be looking to show your product or service in two ways:

– Looking it’s absolute very best

– In a way that is simple for your audience to understand

Together we’ll walk you through the best options.

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How to plan your animation project

How to plan your digital animation project in 5 easy steps


Write down your key messages
Focus on what you want your customers to think.

Just as you would if you were designing a poster, start by thinking about what information is going to be most important for your audience.

– What do you want them to take away from watching it?

– What do you want them to learn?

– What next step do you want them to take?

OK. Write these down on paper!


Plan your scenes
Focus on what you want your customers to see.

Work with your animation production house and think about the main things you need to show.

– If it’s an animation for an estate agency, then perhaps one of the scenes is the buyer exchanging keys

– If it’s an animation for a medical company, then one of the scenes might be a 3D heart pumping blood around the body.

OK. Add all of these to your list!


Write the script
Focus on what you want your customers to hear.

Just as you would if you were writing a speech, work with your animation studio and think about what you want to say?

– Use the key messages from your list along with the scenes you’ve written down to craft a smooth flowing script

– Use as few words as possible and avoid jargon. Focus on quality not quantity. Simplify, then simplify again.

OK. Write this down.


Choose the look and feel
Focus on any branding it needs to match.

Just as you would if you were designing a poster, work with your animation company and think about how you want it to look?

– What colour pallet should you use?

– What style of animation will work best? 2D? 3D? Or both?

– What music is right for your brand?

If you have brand guidelines, add these to your pack.


Kickstart your animation
Congratulations, you’ve already done a lot of the hard work!

By now you’ve:

✔︎ Worked out what your key messages are and how your audience will respond

✔︎ Decided what you need to show and what your audience will see

✔︎ You’ve written a super punchy script that your audience will enjoy listening to, and

✔︎ Chosen a look and feel which is right for your brand

Now it’s time to get animating. That’s our job, but we’ll keep you involved at every step!

We’ll send you updates at every stage so you can review, feedback and refine.

Most of all, enjoy the ride. Animation is fun and our clients regularly comment on how much they enjoy the process.