Filmgoers rejoiced as Boris recently announced that drive-in cinemas were back on the menu. From the 15th June, film fans were allowed to go to drive-in cinemas to get some much-needed relief in the form of classic films, mega action blockbusters, and only the cheekiest and cheesiest of rom-coms.

We know you’re looking to find out where the nearest drive-in cinemas to you are and what’s on offer. We’ve done the hard work and you can find the complete list of drive-in cinemas below in the map and table. You can find out where it’s located, how much it will cost, and what food and drink you can get your hands on. Take a look and find a drive-in cinema near you below:

Map of the UK highlighting some of the top drive-in cinemas

Whilst we’ve highlighted a few of the most popular drive-in cinemas in the UK at the map above to show, we’ve also got a complete list in the table below. We’ve got you covered.

All drive-in cinemas in the UK 2020

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