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We help businesses to effortlessly produce stunning branded video content that reaches audiences worldwide. We offer an end-to-end solution inc. strategy, filming + editing.

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5 star rating

“The whole process was effortless & dare I say fun”

5 star rating

“They have a great eye for detail. Highly Recommend

5 star rating

Fantastic team.
Fantastic results.”

5 star rating

“The video looked fantastic. Stunning & Top Class”

Branded video content featuring a British Airways aircraft and Bryan Habana in Man vs Plane

Man vs Plane didn’t look like an ad

What is branded video content?

In its simplest form, branded video content is a ‘value adding’ form of advertising. What sets it apart from traditional advertising, is that it’s advertising that audiences actually want to watch (and more importantly, will very often actively seek out and share).

The audience knows that what they’re watching is an advert (or is at the very least heavily sponsored by a commercial partner).

However they don’t care.

Why? Because the video they’re watching is so informative / entertaining / shocking / emotionally captivating, it simply doesn’t matter.

What’s more, the brand builds more respect and credibility for enriching the experience and lives of their audience.

Don’t just take our word for it. According to The Drum, it’s a growing market that it’s here to stay!

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“Working with Social Films has been nothing short of brilliant. The video was streamed over 1,000,000 times online and received great praise in the media and internally too.

– Sophia Procter, Communications Manager, British Airways

How do you use it?

When you’re planning how to use branded video content, the primary focus should always be to enrich your audience’s life.

Your role as brand manager is to take your brand values and tie them to a logical story that brings them to life.

Your main priority should be to entertain or educate. If you can do both, then you’ll be sitting on a goldmine.

You don’t always need to be subtle.

There’s a misconception that branded video content can’t be a sales pitch and it can’t be overt. It absolutely can, so long as the value you’re delivering to the audience outweigh’s the pitch.

Focus on value. Get that right and nothing else will matter.

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Branded video content featuring a man and women leaning against a car

A roadtrip in the Seat Leon ST didn’t feel like an ad

4 simple ways to make your content win

  • The best examples of branded video content focus on extreme emotions. Aim for hilarious (not ‘fun’). Aim for awesome (not ‘meh’). Aim for Astounding (not ‘interesting’).

  • Make sure you can justify the ‘why’. Is the story logical for your brand? Or are you swimming out of your lane?

  • Don’t get caught up debating duration. As Jerry Seinfeld says, “People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them”.

  • There’s no logical reason not to include your brand centre stage (you’d have to be nuts not to…). Focus on the content first and make it the best you possibly can. If you tick all of the boxes, the presence of your brand won’t matter to your audience.