The Brief

Produce an exciting, visual-led piece of content for social media, to promote the British Museum’s latest exhibition and showcase IAG Cargo’s role in transporting the artifacts.

How We Did It

Hyperlapse videos caught our eye – and we thought about the beautiful architecture and grand spaces in the museum, and how well suited these would be to a hyperlapse taking us on a journey from the courtyard to the exhibition. It was certainly a learning curve for us, but after lots of testing around Shoreditch, we were ready to go. We storyboarded a route – using doors and walls as transition points between individual scenes. When it came to the shoot, we had two days of 3 hours in the morning, before the museum opened. We took over 1200 photos in total.


The Kit List

Sony A7S mk1

Samyang 16mm, 24mm and 25mm prime VDSLR lenses

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Behind The Scenes