The Brief

Use Video Marketing to promote British Airways’ latest route from London to Bergen

What We Did

We learnt two things on this shoot. 1) Bergen is a beautiful city 2) Bergen is an expensive city (we paid £40 for a pizza…).

However, it was on this shoot that we were introduced to the lovely Captain Matthew Nicholson, a British Airways pilot who, clearly not satisfied with the street credibility that comes with flying commercial airliners, also pilots giant hot air balloons, too!

The mammoth British Airways branded hot air balloon, which Matthew helps manage, was shipped from the UK to Bergen for the launch – The idea being to place it in the centre of Bergen and film the reactions of passers by.

Just like a commercial airliner, the ability to fly a balloon is very much weather dependent. On the day of the shoot, we awoke to high winds and patchy rain. Matthew had already been tracking the weather patterns for the past few hours and, despite the poor morning conditions, assured us that the weather was set to improve as the day went on. Sure enough, by 1pm the storm had passed and the skies had cleared and, for the first time we saw flames light up the inside of the balloon and the basket leave the ground. We had lift off and could finally invite locals onboard for a ride.

Our shot list involved filming children, families, couples and older members of the public engaging with the balloon and looking on with awe and wonder. With such a huge unexpected object placed right in the centre of the city, there was no shortage of beauty shots as bright-eyed children smiled as their feet left the floor.

Throughout the day, we interviewed those who had taken flight and asked them what makes Bergen so special. As the sun began to set and the harbour lights of Bergen began to illuminate, the air balloon took its final landing so that we could film a short interview with Matthew.

We flew back to London having captured some beautiful shots, which were edited together to create the video you see below.

The Final Cut