Demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits of the Gaggia range by filming short-form content for PR and media distribution

What we did

We enlisted the help of Celebrity Chef Jo Pratt to create 3 delicious (and idiot-proof) recipes that could be made with the Gaggia equipment. Firstly an Espresso Martini using Gaggia’s Coffee machine, followed by two varieties of ice cream (One for adults and one for children) that could be made with the Gaggia Ice Cream maker.

Each recipe was pre-scripted before the shoot and each stage was listed along with the ingredients required. The script would be recorded on the day and used as both a piece to camera and as a voiceover.

Naturally we required a kitchen-based ‘lifestyle’ setting for the shoot, so we sourced and hired an aspirational victorian property in South West London.

“The kitchen was selected due to both its size and provision of natural light. Filming videos of this nature requires space for lights, crew, equipment, ingredients etc. So space is key”.

The crew arrived at 8am and were setup to shoot by 9am. With only 8 hours filming time and three videos to shoot, we needed to be efficient. We started by recording the scripted pieces to camera. These were all shot from behind the kitchen island with a lighting setup consisting of 2 x light panels and soft-box diffusion.

“We filmed handheld with a small amount of movement, mimicking styles used in Nigella-based TV programming”.

Once we’d recorded the entire script, we could begin filming and focusing on all of the individual cutaways that would showcase each step of the recipe. We used a 50mm lens for the majority of closeups.

In the edit, we used Adobe After Effects to create branded opening titles and further motion graphics were developed in the form of animated recipe cards. These listed out the ingredients that you would need to create the recipes shown. Bon Apetit!