The Brief

Create short form editorial content for PR distribution, to celebrate 50 years of Head and Shoulders.

What We Did

We worked in partnership with Head & Shoulders and celebrity hairdresser Peter Lux, who showed us three of the most iconic hair styles in the past 50 years.

For this we would need a salon with all the tools of the trade, a model and plenty of Head & Shoulders.

Filming in salon’s or anywhere involving mirrored surfaces provides their own individual set of challenges – Namely reflections. The hair salon was selected for its bright white walls and daylight lighting.

“Consequently, we only needed a modest lighting setup consisting of two light panels and some soft box diffusion for the interview. In some instances, the mirrors actually worked in our favour, allowing us to shoot directly in to them and capture both the model and Peter in frame”.

We wrote a short script that placed the product at the forefront and worked with Peter to work out the steps involved in creating the individual hairstyles. We then recorded this as an individual interview which worked as both a piece to camera and a VO that could sit under the footage.

“Fashion and beauty trends have changed over the past 5 decades, from the Audrey Hepburn ‘updo’, to the 80’s perm, through to the glossy waves of Kate Middleton”.

With only 8 hours to film three looks (re-setting in between) and to record an interview, we calculated that we would have up to two hours per “look” to capture everything we needed. That would allow us to film the interview at the end of the day in case any “steps” needed to be added to the script.

After each ‘look’ had been created, we took some still photography of the model which could be included in the film to showcase the final result. Additionally these images were used as part of a press release which was distributed to the media.

The crew wrapped at 5pm, leaving with barnets messier than on arrival, but with a new found appreciation and desire for better hair – Both in terms of style and overall health.

The Final Cut

Kit List

Canon 5D MKII

Canon 50mm, Canon 70-200mm