The Brief

Promote HSBC via branded content to a Telegraph readership base.

What We Did

With it becoming increasingly difficult for first time buyers to get on to the property ladder in central London, HSBC wanted to show budding property investors some of the opportunities and pitfalls to look out for. We worked with Property Expert and Author Rosie Millard, to produce a 3 part web series demonstrating how to find, negotiate and renovate the ideal home.

Drawing on visual references including Channel 4’s popular Location, Location, Location, We filmed pre-scripted pickups with Rosie in and around Islington and stitched these together with footage of local properties, estate agencies and London B-Roll.

We created branded opening titles using Adobe After Effects, which provided a TV-Style intro that audiences could trust. We animated graphs and charts to bring data to life using a HSBC branded colour pallet. A Top Tip screen at the end of each film re-enforced the learnings and takeaways from each episode.

Rosie had recently renovated a derelict victorian house in Islington. A house which was in desperate need of repair when she bought it, but which through hard work and determination was given the love, care and attention that it needed to bring it back to former glory.

As a single case study, however, we would need more corroboration in order to build a ‘whole of market’ view. Filming on location in Islington, we sourced two local estate agents and an architect who we interviewed in various locations to get their take on what makes a ‘hot spot’ hot.

Shot very much “run and gun”, the entire series was filmed on the Canon 5DMKII with natural lighting which helped with both the mobility and the versatility that was required.

The footage was edited in to a 3 part web series that ran as part of a sponsored microsite on the Telegraph, reaching a readership base of 25m+.

The Final Cut


25m+ campaign reach across the Telegraph Online