The Brief

Produce a light-hearted promotional video to demonstrate the care and attention that is taken when transporting pets across the world.

What We Did

When owners travel with their pets, they want to know that they are in safe hands, particularly when travelling by air. However, with most of the journey being below deck in temperature controlled environments, it would be difficult to successfully show owners how the process works on film. With full support from IAG Cargo, we suggested that an animated video would be the best route to market. An animation wouldn’t provide us with the real-world limitations we would face in bringing this to life using cameras.

All animation projects begin with a script and storyboard. Before any animation work can efficiently begin, it’s important to have these two checkboxes ticked. We started by writing a script, that would inspire the visuals and later form the VoiceOver that would be recorded.

Once the script had been approved by the client, we added visual references to the script. These included still images, posters, animation styles from other videos and cartoons – All of which were vibrant in colour and 2 Dimensional in their appearance, with the aim of creating a fun & contemporary look.

With all key components in place, it was time to record the VO. We needed the end film to make people feel at ease, so a warm, kind and caring voice was required. We worked with the lovely Rachel Boot who offers all of that and more.

Once the VO had been locked down, it was time to choose the music. To add a further layer of quirky cuteness, we arrived on a European Swing-style arrangement that featured an amusing Clarinet melody.

With Music and VO signed off and approved, we could finally begin to animate. A total of 15+ characters were designed, developed and animated – From Mr Pickens the sombrero-wearing dog to Bernard the Uni-Cycling monkey. We incorporated Airline-themed illustrations including departure-board style text and aircraft animations (albeit propeller-based and driven by a goggle-wearing elephant). In fact, over 100+ custom backgrounds and objects were created, from airport terminals and runways, through to passports boarding passes and bananas – All animated using a combination of Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.

The Final Cut