The Brief

Use viral video marketing to promote the launch of British Airways’ route from London to Moscow

What we did

What are British Airways known for? Aircraft. What is Moscow known for? Vodka. With Airlines and high strength alcohol not an ideal cocktail, we chose Opera in the form of Katherine Jenkins, Ballet in the form of the Bolshoi ballet and mixed them together at 35,000 feet. But before we get to that, we need to take a small ballet step back.

“The aim was to surprise passengers with an exclusive mid-flight performance whilst on board the inaugural Dreamliner route from London to Moscow”.

Cabins, even of the business class kind, are compact and efficient spaces – They have to be. Therefore the first main challenge was how to capture everything on film, particularly with choreography that is so heavily movement-based.

“We placed 4 GoPro’s in key areas of the cabin and disguised two camera operators (each with an inconspicuous Sony A7SII) as business class guests – The latter being no easy task”.

This offered us an uninterrupted, almost panoramic view of the cabin, meaning that wherever the performers moved to, we’d capture it.

The second challenge. How do you record audio safely using wireless radio devices onboard. The answer. You don’t. Instead, we used a hard wired lapel mic and an external audio recorder which bypassed any need to transmit signals. Phew.

We dedicated one camera to Katherine (The “Kath Cam”) so that we had a complete end to end performance that would give us more flexibility in the edit.

At the end of the flight, having captured a successful performance (leaving passengers slightly bewildered by what had just happened) we had an hours layover, before flying back on the very same aircraft – This time with the onboard TV screens and cabin crew to keep passengers entertained. By the end of the return flight and upon touchdown at London Heathrow, we had assembled an edit which was then distributed to the press that very same evening. Simple…

The Final Cut


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