The Brief

Produce a series of case study testimonials showing that the internet need not be a scary place.

What We Did

It seems unbelievable in today’s age, that there are still so many people in the UK who have never used the internet. Yet, at the time these films were produced, a whopping 8.7 million adults in the UK had never been online. Considering how embedded the world wide web has become in our daily lives, it’s a striking figure.

The Microsoft-sponsored Get Someone Online campaign sought to address the issue and reassure those who were at first apprehensive about connecting to the net.

We filmed a series of short case study testimonials featuring members of the public telling their story about the first time they used the internet. From the man who’s son showed him how to connect with his friends, to the woman who’s daughter lives abroad but is still able to talk to her every day, the aim was for series to feel inspiring, authentic and most of all warm.

Each film was shot on location at their prospective homes across London. We had just one day to film three stories, so timings were incredibly tight. We began each shoot with an interview, asking each interviewee to tell us what they remembered about the first time they went online, how they felt and how it has helped them since. After we had enough interview content, we filmed some lifestyle cutaways with them that would fit with their story. One woman, for example, told us how she used the internet to fuel her passion for recipes, so we filmed her experimenting with different ingredients.

What was nice, was that each interviewee had their own individual quirk – Something unique about them, that made them ‘them’. With each shoot, we tried to capture their personality and bring it to life.

All of the footage was edited down in to three 90 second films and distributed as part of the campaign.

As of March 2019, the 8.7 Million estimate has dropped to circa 5 Million in the UK, which shows some good progress but that there is still more work to be done.

The Final Cut

The Kit List


Canon Prime Lenses

2 x Light Panels with Diffusion