The brief

Produce branded video content to promote the launch of the Seat Leon ST.

How we did it

We filmed a TV-style mini series charting the journey from summit to sea, with all of the challenges along the way.

From paramotoring and white water rafting, to rock climbing and skydiving, the Social Films crew were put to the test every day.

With weather conditions ranging from snow capped mountains, to blistering mediterranean heat, the pressure was always on and there was little room for error.

‘Car to car’ shots were captured on the journey between challenges and these were critical to show the versatility of the Seat Leon ST in all climates.

We used a combination of handheld shots, along with head and chest mounted GoPro’s to capture the action as it happened. A drone captured epic aerials, whilst on the ground shots filmed in 120fps added to the drama.

We returned to our London post production house with over 2TB of footage, which was cut down in to 4 x 3 minute segments that featured on the Telegraph.

The final cut

The kit list


Canon Prime lens kit (14, 24, 35, 50, 85mm)

Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L

GoPro’s, GoPro’s and more GoPro’s