The Brief

IAG Cargo had an amazing story to tell. Every year, they ship discontinued airline blankets to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, so the orphaned elephants can use them to keep warm. They needed to tell this story in a way that drew out the heartwarming nature of it.

How We Did It

With only one day on location, we spent the morning shooting the elephants grazing and exploring with two URSAs. We shot the interview with Edwin, the head keeper in the afternoon. The lighting was all natural, bar a diffuser to soften the sun. In the edit, we kept it quite restrained, letting the beauty of the elephants and the sounds of the Great Rift Valley to fill the film.


The Kit List

2x Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 

Samyang VDSLR Prime kit 

Sennheiser G3 lapel mic

Adobe Premiere Pro

Diffusion panels

Behind The Scenes

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