The Brief

Film a behind the scenes feature, profiling Sabian, the creator of O2’s “Think Big” campaign.

What We Did

Whilst this project takes us back many, many years, it still has a special place in our hearts as it was the very first shoot where we filmed the entire video on DSLR. These days it’s common place, however it was extraordinary at the time to be able to acquire such glossy images from such a small camera. In fact, we remember the client (used to seeing much bigger cameras) questioning if we’d understood the brief properly when we showed up on set!

Launched in 2010, O2’s ThinkBig campaign has helped to give young people a voice, along with the tools and investment needed to bring their ideas to life. For Sabian, his creation “Why Do?” was developed as a unique online Q&A service that aimed to bridge the generation gap.

As part of the campaign, we filmed an interview as well as behind the scenes footage of Sabian’s photoshoot at Park Royal Studios in West London.

For the interview, we used a simple 3 point lighting setup and one camera. Cropping was used in the edit to give the impression of a two camera setup.

Throughout the photoshoot itself, we shot a series of time-lapses which were later used in the edit to inject some energy.

To support the interview, we filmed behind the scenes footage on Steadicam, allowing us to move in and around with 360 degree flexibility. Before we wrapped for the day, we shot a series of exterior shots with Sabian using his mobile device which were also filmed on steadicam. The results were super smooth and were complimented by the occasional natural lens flare

In the edit, the website itself was motion tracked to the Laptop screen using After Effects and digitally animated in post. To add some further gloss, we used motion tracking to match the movement of the text to the movement of Sabian’s upper body.

Once the edit had been signed off, all of the footage was colour corrected and graded with a light blue tint to fit in with O2’s branding. O2’s slogan is “See what you can do”… Well here’s what we did!

The Final Cut