The Brief

Produce branded video content to celebrate the 50 year-long partnership between IAG Cargo and The Who

What We Did

Over the past 50 years, The Who’s global success has enabled them to tour the world. Behind the scenes, IAG Cargo has been by their side – Ensuring that amps, guitars, drum kits, speakers, sound desks and all of the kit that’s required to fill an arena, arrive at their required destination on time.

We were incredibly fortunate and privileged to be given carte-blanche access to The Who’s photographic archive. The only downside was that with such an enormous collection of images (each one more iconic than the last), selecting the best images to use was a near impossible task.

“Folder after folder, we were treated to image after image of onstage brilliance and backstage debauchery – Some more suitable for inclusion than others”.

Impressively, the archive even included scans of tickets and posters from some of their earliest tours.

In addition to the still images, we sourced stock footage of vintage aviation and combined this with our own footage from working with British Airways and Iberia. All of these assets were stitched together in the edit with on screen text and set to “My Generation”, which was licensed to us by The Who. The film opens with early images of the Who, as well as a tannoy intro from an early gig in which they were described as

“A nice rock and roll band from London”

We organised the photos and footage in to date order so that by the end of the film we reach present day to illustrate that IAG Cargo are “Still by their side today”.

The Final Cut