The brief

Produce a promotional video for UCC Coffee UK to celebrate the launch of Grand Cru.

How we did it

Coffee is often the finale to any restaurant experience. We often spend time choosing the right wine to pair with our meal, but leave little thought to the quality of our coffee.

UCC set out to change this by producing Grand Cru, a luxury coffee blend for the hospitality industry.

To demonstrate the similarities between coffee and wine , our production crew filmed a promotional video at Squerryes Vineyard in Kent.

We filmed beautiful shots of the stunning vineyard and combined them with an interview with a wine sommelier and Coffee expert.

And our videographer may have got to sample some of the ‘local produce’, too…!

When we returned to our London post production studio, we began editing the video, mixing together the very best shots and creating our own ‘perfect blend’.

The end result is a promotional video that’s as smooth and silky as the Coffee itself!


The kit list

Sony PMW-F3

Nikkor 28-70mm f2.8 IF ED

2x Lishuai LED panels

Sennheiser G3 radio mic

2X Lishuai LED panels + diffusion