The Brief

Create an emotive film to advertise the opening of Alexandra Palace’s historic Victorian theatre in selected Picture House Cinemas – Accentuating the sense of heritage, nostalgia, and noble restoration to appeal to a culturally invested cinema audience.

How We Did It

It started with dreaming up the tagline “We’ve waited over 80 years for you to take your seat”. We then developed the idea of history playing out on the theatre projector, whilst the world inside stood still.

To create this, stock footage from key moments of history were found, and cut together chronologically, with the thoughtful solo piano as backing. This stock was mapped onto footage of the interior of the theatre itself – creating the illusion that the projector was playing the film.

The audio was mixed by the incredible Seb Juviler and the amazing team at SNK Studios. You can see Seb in action below.


The Kit List: 

Sony A7S mk2

Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L

Movi M15

Arri HMIs

Adobe Premiere Pro

Behind The Scenes