The brief

Create a corporate video for Wilkinson to show what it’s like to work for one of the UK’s largest retailers.

What we did

What do you do when the UK has a heat wave and celebrates the hottest week of the year?

Film a corporate video inside a warehouse of course!

Our videographers spent 5 days at Wilkinson’s distribution centre filming a TV-style fly on the wall corporate video.

Our production crew went behind the scenes to see how Wilkinson employees are ‘Altogether Better’ when they work together.

We interviewed dozens of Wilkinson employees and it was genuinely heartwarming to hear just how much each and every one of them enjoyed working for the group.

Back in our London post production studio, we edited the video in to a fun, motivational 6 minute video.

The final cut

The kit list

Canon 5D MKII

Canon 50mm, Canon 28mm, Canon 70-200mm