In the last 15 years we’ve filmed everything from high grossing virals 📈🚀 to baby elephants in Kenya. Our work has been featured in The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Metro, BuzzFeed, Digital Spy, Wired, the Drum and Marie Claire to name a few.

Our unbeatable understanding of what’s ‘watchable’ has helped skyrocket our clients to success, reaching audiences in excess of 25m+ views worldwide, contributing to over £50m+ in generated revenue.

Everything you’ll see here has been produced by us, filmed by us and edited by us. We only work on a small number of projects at any one time, meaning that you’ll get us at our sharpest and our very, very best. Furthermore, we only work on projects that we’re 100% confident we can add value to. If it’s not for us, we’ll tell you straight.

Put simply, there’s not much we can’t do or haven’t yet done. We can help - and if we’re not available, we’ll happily introduce you to someone who can.

Here’s some of our favourite work and the results we’ve generated.


“Man Vs Plane reaches 5.5m+ views. Holy Shit”

Is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s Bryan Habana in a worlds first that has to be seen to be believed.

National Gallery 1.jpg

National Gallery

A night at the museum. Filming one of the greatest art collections in the world.

Bio E 1.jpg

Biological E

Filming at India’s premier pharmaceutical facility - And escaping Delhi Belly.



From Kenya with love. Filming at the home of Kenya’s largest flower farm.


“Katherine Jenkins’ dazzling performance at 41,000 Feet reaches 1m+”

Passengers on board British Airways’ 787-9 Dreamliner to Moscow were treated to a surprise performance by the opera legend.

RND 1.jpg

comic relief reaches 1m+

David Walliams, Emma Bunton and Tom Daley went undercover at London Heathrow Airport all in the spirit of Red Nose Day.

Will Smith 1.jpg

will smith Interview

We flew to Dubai to film an interview with the Fresh Prince himself ahead of the premiere of Suicide Squad.


“The best brief yet? Filming baby elephants in Kenya”

Every winter, these baby elephants are wrapped with cosy blankets to keep them warm. We flew to Kenya to capture it on film.

EMP 1.jpg

if villains could text…

Voldemort has the hots for Daenerys. Only his Villain group chat can help.

the who backstage

We flew to Hollywood to film an interview with rock legend Roger Daltry.


21 years of the mra

Bringing the history of the energy market to life in a Netflix-style documentary.

Boeing 2.jpg

“Filming with boeing at the largest building on earth”

Every day, thousands of aircraft parts come together at Boeing’s 100 acre facility. We meet the team behind it.

HSBC 5.jpg

launching the Philips avance

Getting your five a day has never been simpler. Jason Vale aka the Juice Master shows us how.

HSBC homebuyer tips

Navigating the property market as a first time buyer can be a minefield. HSBC provided their top tips for investment success.

SAP 2.jpg

“Sales is about to change. a promotional video for sap shows how”

“ABC! Always be closing” said Alec Baldwin in the 1992 film hit. Our film for SAP introduces a new tool that let’s you do just that.

Gaggia 2.jpg

Gaggia recipe series

From coffee cocktails to ice cream, celebrity chef Jo Pratt gives her top tips.



We take a look at iconic hair styles to celebrate 50 years of the leading brand.

RO 1.jpg


8.7m people in the UK have never been online. Microsoft wants to change that.

GoodBox 1.jpg

“SOCIAL FILMS HELP Goodbox raise Over £2.6m+ on Seedrs”

We’re all carrying less cash, but what does this mean for charities? Meet the entrepreneurs who are leading the way.

Theatre 1.jpg

Alexandra palace raises £28m+

It’s laid dormant for 100 years, now Alexandra Palace are bringing their Victorian theatre back to life.

O2 1.jpg

Inspiring young people with O2

O2’s “Why Do” campaign seeks to banish the negative portrayal of young people. We went behind the scenes to film the action.

4D Projection.jpg

“Social Films boggles minds with projection-mapped flight”

It took 7 projectors, dry ice and a 7000 sq/ft studio to bring a £100,000 model aircraft to life in a world’s first for projection mapping.

MoreThan 1.jpg

MoreThan Animation

More Than welcomed new joiners with a branded animation.

Pets 2.jpg

Pet Travel Animation

Air travel for pets needn’t be stressful. In this animated film, we show owners how.

Premia 1.jpg

Premia Animation

Warehouse’s can be sexy. No really they can…

Kunal Nayyar.jpg

“Social Films talks Hollywood with big bang star kunal nayyar”

We filmed an interview in London’s west end with the Hollywood star, as he remembers getting his first big break.

Leona 1.jpg

Leona Lewis live in hong kong

X-Factor star Leona Lewis dazzled fans with a private gig on the wing of an A380 in Hong Kong. Need we say more?

Bergen 2.jpg

up, up and away in norway

Balloon Pilot Matthew Nicholson soars above Bergen, putting the European city on the bucket list.

Tokyo 1.jpg

bringing a Bladerunner-esque vibe to tokyo

The brief: To bring the energy and freneticism of Tokyo to life on film. Our recent Manga-fuelled trip put that to the test.

XUBER 1.jpg

Launching XUBER

Launching a new insurance software brand with promotional content.

Kraken 1.jpg
Xuber Upgrade Studio 1.jpg

Kraken reaches 500k+

News broadcaster Michael Buerk fools the British public with April Fools stunt.

xuber Animation

Upgrading your insurance platform is simple and Xuber offers the solution.

“Launching Kaleidoscope Festival in a crowded market”

Using kaleidoscopic lens flares to create a social buzz around London’s latest music Festival.

Flashmob 2.jpg

A ROYAL Flashmob reaches 500k+

We placed a giant suitcase in a Moscow shopping mall and surprised unsuspecting shoppers with a very British flashmob.

UCC 1.jpg

demystifying coffee with ucc

Get your Latte’s confused with your Flat White’s? We meet the team who are simplifying coffee hospitality.

British Museum 1.jpg

“Launching ‘I AM ASHURBANIPAL’ at The British Museum”

Over 1,200 still images took museum goers on a whirlwind hyperlapse tour of the British Museum. Fasten your seatbelts.


Dove rugby challenge

Will Greenwood’s Rugby knowhow is put to the test ahead of the Heineken Cup.


Launching Grand Cru

A sommelier and a coffee expert join forces to create the ultimate blend.

Airplane 3.jpg

The Who turn 50

Celebrating 50 years of one of the World’s greatest bands.

Seat 2.jpg

“From the Pyrenees to Barcelona, Seat puts the Leon ST to the test”

Armed with just a car, a boot full of sports gear and a camera crew, Tobias Mews embarks on a week full of challenges.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks.jpg

Ally Pally Fireworks

It’s the biggest fireworks display in London. It’s our job to capture it.

PJ Dave.jpg

PJ Dave

Thousand’s of flowers are sent every day. We meet the team who grow them.

Xuber Launch.jpg

Xuber Launch Event

Event highlights at the VIP invite-only launch of Xuber at Heron Tower.